• To Nicholas Tollervey, for the amazing Mu Editor.
  • To the Mu Editor contributors I’ve been having the privilege of working more directly with, Carlos Pereira Atencio, Martin Dybdal, and Tim Golden, as well as the others whom I haven’t met yet but whose contributions I highly respect.
  • To Russell Keith-Magee, for the inspiring BeeWare project and, in particular, for briefcase that being used as the packaging tool for Mu on macOS as of this writing, serves as a great inspiration to pup.
  • To Gregory Szorc, for the incredible Python Standalone Builds project, on top of which pup packages redistributable Python GUI applications.
  • To Donald Stufft, for letting us pick up the pup name in PyPI.
  • To Glyph Lefkowitz, for the very useful, high quality Tips And Tricks for Shipping a PyGame App on the Mac article, and for his generous hands-on involvement in the first-steps of pup’s take on the subject in this issue.
  • To Alastair Houghton, for dmgbuild, that pup uses to create macOS DMG files.
  • To the WiX Toolset developers, maintainers, contributors, and sponsors: not sure how pup would go about building Windows MSI installers without it.